Window Tinting Benefits

Window Tinting Benefits

Enhanced Protection From Window Tinting

The interior of our home is often a reflection of our personal style and design. We carefully choose furnishings to create a space for ourselves and our families. Colors are carefully blended with fabrics and furniture to suit our taste. window-tinting-factors

There is no greater threat to the stability of this carefully planned environment than the sun. Untreated window allow UV radiation, excessive light and heat into our home contributing to the fading of our furnishings.

Bravo Protection Products window tinting helps reduce factors that contribute to fading, thereby, extending the life and maintaining the appearance of your interior furnishings. All of the window tint that Bravo Protection Products uses reduce UV radiation, the biggest contributor to fading, by 99% without compromising your view.

Bravo Protection Products window tint also offers another element of protection by mitigating damage from broken glass by containing potentially dangerous shards following accidental breakage.

Reduce Energy Costs

Window Tinting also offers additional comfort through the realization of reduced energy costs resulting from the application of Bravo Protection Products Window Tinting. Solar heat gain through windows can be cut by up to 82% significantly lowering cooling costs. Additionally, your household will be contributing to a better environment by reducing CO2 emissions and conserving energy.

Selecting Bravo Protection Products Window Tint For Your Home

Bravo Protection Products offers a full line of flat glass window tint. We carry many different types of films and would be happy to help you in the selection process. All of Bravo’s Window Tint is protected from daily contact and cleaning by a durable scratch resistant coating. This coating is among the most durable in the industry and allows your windows to be virtually maintenance free and to be cleaned with most household window cleaning solutions.

Commercial Window Tinting

Increased Comfort

We enjoy beautiful views and natural lighting while relaxing at home. However this enjoyment is spoiled when excessive heat and annoying glare enter our homes through our windows. Bravo Protection Products window tinting effectively solve both problems by reducing heat and filtering annoying glare without compromising your view. With the installation of Bravo’s window tint, electronic devices such as computers and televisions can be enjoyed free from the annoyance of eyestrain throughout your home.